The problem:
Startup company with no visual identity, no direction or social media presence. 
The solution:
Created a brand identity, website, packaging, templates for email and social media. Worked collaboratively with the manager, photographer, marketer, and developer.
Outcomes were: 
6 Deliverables 
1. Brand Identity
2. Packaging
3. Web Design
4. Email Templates
5. Social Media Templates
6. Billboards, Video and Images
Understance was a startup in early 2020; when I started, there was no team established yet. I worked with very little guidance or management so I had to be a self starter. There was very fast growth in the company, I had to do the job of 5 different people and I learned so much in my time there! To see this company go from no online presence to being in Times Square in such a short period of time, I was so proud of how far Understance came. 

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