TEDx is a program of local, non-profit, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. TEDxECUAD's theme was equilibrium and our logo had to reflect two opposing forces coming together. My role was in the design team creating graphic design work for print, merchandising and online content. My deliverables were to create a logo, speaker frames and buttons for all speakers, attendees and volunteers. The colour scheme for TEDx is red, black and white and all the deliverables had to look cohesive to the logo. 
Outcomes were:
3 Deliverables: 1. Logo 2. Speaker frames 3. Buttons
-Working in a team of over 50 members from different departments
-Leading a team, organizing and assigning roles and workloads
-Graphic design work with layout, typography, images, research
-Volunteered and attended TEDxECUAD on day of event
I lead one of two logo design teams.   
Deliverable 1: TEDxECUAD Logo
Above are a couple of interesting shapes that inspired me to create the logo.
The final logo to the left was unfortunately not designed by anyone from the TEDxECUAD logo design team. I did not let this discourage me and so I used this logo to inspire me to create the cohesive look for the speaker frames. On the right are the iterations I had for the logo. Between each iteration, I had group meetings with the leads of the event and the logo design team.
Deliverable 2: TEDxECUAD Speaker Frame
Deliverable 3: TEDxECUAD PINS
Above are the designs for custom buttons for the TEDxECUAD 2018 event. My job was to create 7 buttons with 7 shapes for each group to wear during the day of the event. Also they are to be given away as gift bag merchandise. I chose to design these 7 buttons as not just ordinary shapes but different shapes representing equilibrium. At the end of the event, volunteers and guests wanted more pins but unfortunately we only had a limited supply. The lead organizer of TEDxECUAD said "everyone is going crazy over the pins, what'd you do?" Everyone complimented my work on the pins. 

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