The problem:
At music festivals or raves, people are at risk of getting injured, harassed, or can overdose on drugs that pass security. SPLUR can reduce these risks for the attendees and reduce the liability for event organizers. 
The solution:
SPLUR is a wayfinding and harm reduction project that helps people navigate through large event spaces easily and safely. Through the help of volunteers, attendees are empowered to avoid dangerous situations.
Outcomes were: 
-Creating a brand identity and way-finding system
-Deliverables: brand identity, event sign, apparel, merchandise, brochure
-Research on raves and user interaction
-Interviewed experts in the field
I decided to create a project focused on bringing the help directly to the people instead of expecting people to search for the safe space for help. I needed something more intuitive and physical than a mobile app or geo-tracking because people who are not in a clear state of mind or in a vulnerable situation are not able to properly use their phones to navigate. It would be more useful for help to be more accessible to the people during the event. The storyboard below shows how the SPLUR way-finding will be used. The SPLUR light up sign will serve as a landmark to help people know their location in the space. They can find help from SPLUR volunteers when they need assistance or guidance. 

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